With her cover of ‘Don’t Know Why,’ a soulful ‘X Factor’ singer brings the judges to tears. – montevideobbc.com    

With her cover of ‘Don’t Know Why,’ a soulful ‘X Factor’ singer brings the judges to tears.

“Andrea Singer is a Danish singer who specializes in pop music and gave a magnificent version of Norah Jones’s renowned 2002 song, ‘Don’t Know Why.’

Other musicians have frequently covered ‘Don’t Know Why.’ Jesse Harris wrote the song and published it on an album in 1999. Norah Jones used it as her first single and debut in the music industry.

The song was written by Harris for violin and voice. Don’t Know Why was not written with jazz in mind. He sold it on his website without a label. In 2000, he joined Jones’s band, later claiming that he did not think Jones would like the song because she was a jazz singer and this was not a jazz tune.

‘Don’t Know Why’ has been covered by Pat Metheny, David Benoit, and George Benson, though Jones’ version is arguably the most well-known. It appears to send a mixed message. The singer in the song laments the end of an affair, but also admits to making faults that contributed to the relationship’s demise.

The singer says in the refrain that they don’t know why they didn’t perform their part. There appears to be minimal blame, as the singer accepts responsibility for the breakup and refuses to clarify whether the other spouse was at fault.

It’s a melancholy song, yet it’s accompanied by an eagerness to move on with life despite grief and heartbreak. It differs from many pop love songs in that it does not provide a simple solution or indicate that loving each other is enough to overcome any obstacles.

The song’s arrangement and music go along with this not quite hopeless but not the quite positive lyrical message. The music is light and playful, reminiscent of tinkling glasses at a jazz club. There are videos of Harris performing his song, in actual jazz clubs, and they sound nothing like the Norah Jones version. Harris’s original rendition has a much sadder feel to it.

Andrea Singer’s version sticks close to Norah Jones’s cover since this is the one most audience members will be familiar with. Singer pays tribute to Jones, still bringing her unique vocal stylings into play. Singer’s version is breathy and throaty. Her audience interactions are measured and calm. She wears a pink pantsuit with black trim, a beautiful outfit but also one that makes her looks professional and credible.

Whatever her wardrobe choices, and whatever her intended message, Singer brings down the house in this video. The judges and audience are silent throughout, appreciating the skill and talent they see onstage. The somber mood of the song is matched by the repetitive, almost coincidental string and keyboard accompaniment. If Andrea Singer can perform like this, she will go on to great things no matter whose songs she covers.”

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