When the mother joins in with her daughter’s singing, even Simon is unable to contain his smile – montevideobbc.com    

When the mother joins in with her daughter’s singing, even Simon is unable to contain his smile

When “America’s Got Talent” airs in the evenings around this time of year, I find myself riveted to the television. The huge range of performances, which include musicians, magicians, acrobats, dancers, and much more, make it one of the few shows that I watch live rather than on the DVR. Every year, the talent improves even more, and we eagerly anticipate seeing excellent and awful auditions and performances.

The same kind of variety of performances is included in “Britain’s Got Talent,” another version of the program produced in England. A mother-daughter team made an appearance on this episode, surprising the judges and audience with both their performance and their personal narrative.

The mother, Ana, endured years of abuse at the hands of her now ex-husband. Ana realized she needed to act as soon as things started to go bad in order to protect herself, her son, and her daughter from more suffering and anguish. The mother, son, and daughter all left the toxic relationship and began over from scratch.

The courageous mother and her daughter Fia appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” to perform an intense cover of the Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion duet “Tell Him,” and their breathtakingly beautiful performance earned them a standing ovation. As their voices filled the room, even the often critical and somber Simon Cowell couldn’t help but grin.

But it wasn’t just the judges; the crowd is often the first to respond, and it was clear that their performance affected and thrilled everyone in the room. There was unprecedented jubilation and cheering. The fact that the two can share their unique gifts with the world is so profoundly meaningful. Their optimism will go a long way as they continue their recovery process, and “Britain’s Got Talent” will undoubtedly be of assistance to them. With the judges and the audience, they have a new family.

They are keen to start again. Ana said in an exclusive interview with The Mirror UK, “It was very hard; we’re very happy now, and we’re moving on.” Their strength will carry them a long way; we are confident. We wish Ana and Fia well in both their sports and personal lives. They most definitely merit it!

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