Tiny Toddler Proudly Performs Traditional Māori Dance, And It’s Entirely Delightful.

For generations, the MÄori people of New Zealand have practiced a ceremonial dance called the haka.

The haka is performed by a group during ceremonies and celebrations. It was traditionally used when indigenous people marched into battle, but could also be used when gathered in peace. The rhythmic chanting, body slapping, eye bulging, and tongue protrusions were intended to intimidate enemies and show the tribe’s strength and unity. The haka can be danced any time and for any reason, making it an important piece of culture handed down from one MÄori generation to the next.

Recently, a TikTok page called @haka_haka_ shared a video of a toddler doing his own version of the haka, and it’s just too precious! As a man chants off-camera, the baby stands on his feet and sways, his fingers stretched out, eyes wide, tongue protruding. He already knows how to do the dance, even though he doesn’t even know how to count yet! It’s beautiful to see a cultural heritage being taught to someone so young.

Watch the toddler doing his best haka dance below, and be sure to share.

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