Three celebrities honor Linda Ronstadt with enchanting performance of ‘Blue Bayou’

Linda Ronstadt, an icon of the 1970s, earned her place in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame for her remarkable contributions. In a captivating tribute, three other legendary women honor Linda in a mesmerizing performance.

Carrie Underwood, Bonnie Raitt, and Emmylou Harris, each renowned for their stellar singing careers, are stars in their own right. Their phenomenal voices are recognized worldwide. However, when they united at Ronstadt’s induction ceremony in Cleveland, their harmonies created pure magic, making their performance a spectacle in itself.

“Blue Bayou,” a haunting melody evoking nostalgia for “better times,” was co-written (with Joe Melson) and originally recorded by Roy Orbison. It became Ronstadt’s signature song in 1977, reaching #3 on the Billboard charts and securing top positions on the Country and Easy Listening charts.

Her rendition earned a Grammy Award nomination for Record of the Year. This rendition of the song is truly exceptional. Be sure to watch the full video below, and don’t forget to leave us a comment on Facebook to share your thoughts!

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