This is The Voice’s cutest performance you might have seen

Bluegrass was the most unlikely interpretation of this pop tune, but the family made it work.
What else can we say?

It’s in the blood.
The famous TV reality show The Voice features a spin-off that focuses on families where musical talent is passed down from generation to generation.

In this episode, a family performs fun interpretations of hit songs on television.

The family, whose music has a strong bluegrass and gospel influence, completely astonished the judges and made them regret their overstuffed lineups.

The audience adored the O’Donnells as soon as they went onto the stage.

The small child captured everyone’s attention.
The judges picked up on this emotion and began muttering to one another.

Guy Sebastian, an Australian artist and one of the judges, even stated that if the family were the most gorgeous competitors for that batch, he would be disappointed because his squad is already full.

Because Keith Urban was the only one with an incomplete team, the other judges piled on him.

The judges were soon impressed by the family’s ability as they began the song.

It was not what they had expected.

The singers began strong, going through the first words of Lady Gaga’s renowned hit.

But their rendition was unique.
The words of Lady Gaga’s song were complemented by ringing banjos and melodious guitar humming.

Bluegrass was the most unlikely interpretation of this pop tune, but the family made it work.

When John and Wendy met in the mid-’80s in the United States, they formed a seven-piece band.

The couple relocated to Cairns after returning to Australia.

Throughout the 1990s, the pair performed bluegrass with various ensembles, such as the Snake Gully Ensemble and the Sunshine Mountain Bluegrass Band.

When the rest of their band couldn’t make it to a show in Toowoomba, they enlisted the help of their three children.

The band became a family affair.
The O’Donnells performed at several events and festivals before winning the Open Group Section of the Queensland Country Music Festivals Champion of Champions event at the end of 2009.

The family’s self-titled album was released in late 2010. They played original and vintage bluegrass, country music, and gospel.

When the epidemic struck, everything slowed down, but when things began to improve, the family got back on track.

In 2022, they joined The Voice Generations.
And while they performed Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory,” the judges continued to press Urban to turn his chair in order to complete his repertoire.

Urban ultimately made a decision after seeing the faces behind the incredible performance through their innovative and well-arranged cover.

Amy, who is three years old, is the competition’s youngest participant to date.

And, ideally, Amy will carry on the family tradition as the family embarks on this new musical adventure.

You can keep up with the bluegrass family on their Instagram account, where they post about the concerts that keep them busy.

See how one family transforms a pop tune into a bluegrass spectacle in the video below!

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