This is the Exact Moment The AGT Metal Girl, Harper, astounded the judges.

America’s Got Talent has had its fair share of famous vocalists, but nothing could have prepared the Judges for Harper, now known as the AGT metal girl, at the age of nine.

Harper flew all the way from the United Kingdom with her father to audition for AGT—and she left the Judges speechless. Because, well, Harper isn’t a singer in the same league as Madison Baez or Sara James. No, she yells metal music instead of performing it.

This isn’t an altogether new concept for America’s Got Talent. Remember when 6-year-old Aaralyn performed her original scream-o song “Zombie Skin” in Season 8? While the Judges were initially skeptical, they eventually gave Aaralyn the go-ahead, and she and her bandmate, Izzy, advanced to the Quarter-Finals.

The Judges, on the other hand, did not hesitate with Harper this time. The exact moment Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara realized they weren’t in for a typical singing audition is at 2:02 in the video below. Because Howie Mandel was ill, he was unable to attend this try-out, so Harper’s father sat in Mandel’s place, beaming with pride.

At the end of Harper’s performance, Klum, Cowell, and Vergara all rose up. “It’s like if you have a monster inside you,” Vergara explained to Harper.

“This was unexpected,” Klum admitted, “but I must say, lovely!” Vergara expressed a similar view, stating, “Amazing! …It seemed so simple.”

Cowell may have put it best. “That was fantastic,” he said. “It was like shedding a mouse into a vampire bat or something.”

People, if that isn’t skill, what is?! You can see Harper’s audition in the video below.

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