They Thought She Was Cute And Harmless. But Never Judge A Book By Its Cover! –    

They Thought She Was Cute And Harmless. But Never Judge A Book By Its Cover!

What do you think a 9 year old girl would want to do when she grows up? Stereotypes tell us she would want to be a ballerina or maybe a veterinarian. But things are changing for the best. Stereotypes are changing, and Jesse Jane McParland is most definitely NOT your stereotypical 9 year old girl. When Jesse was very young, her parents wanted her to take classes like many young girls do. They tried taking her to ballet classes but, right away she was having none of it, she hated it.

After looking around for a while she decided to try martial arts instead. And oh boy, this was definitely the right path for her. She picked it up in no time and she became incredible at it.
In very little time began to master these new skills and within some short years she decided to try and show off her skills at Britain’s Got Talent. Her audition is the video you are about to see. When she first started it almost seemed as though the judges almost dismissed her. She is so small and cute that it’s hard for most people to take her seriously as a martial artist. But as soon as she started her routine, the judge’s jaws dropped. You have to see this audition to believe it. To make this story even more incredible, shortly after her audition she got cast for a part in a new movie called “The Martial Arts Kid” featuring the famous actor, Zac Efron.

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