The AGT singing faery demonstrates that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. –    

The AGT singing faery demonstrates that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

The most unexpected acts were usually featured on America’s Got Talent. From the first introduction of the contestants, you have no idea what to expect.

Freckled Zelda

In this episode, a singer takes the stage wearing a fantasy costume complete with fairy ears. Judge Howie Mandel inquires about the contestant’s name. Freckled Zelda is her alias.

Her character is a music fairy,. ‘Really?’ says Simon. ‘Indeed, Simon,’ Zelda responds. The audience erupts in laughter.

Howie inquires as to her origins. She claims to be from the freckled forest. ‘All right,’ Simon says.

Zelda then points out her outfit’s ocarina. The ocarina is a well-known instrument in the Legend of Zelda video games. Of course, Simon is unaware of this because he claims to have never heard of it.

Freckled Zelda

‘Well, you’re interesting,’ Simon says, wishing him luck. Zelda thanks Simon for his hesitant encouragement and begins to sing.

Zelda approaches a microphone and begins to finger her ocarina. She begins by playing a few notes on the ocarina before beginning to sing.

She begins singing as the background music begins to play. Her stunning voice astounds both the audience and the judges. Zelda sings with heart and passion, even using her hands.

‘Colors of the Wind,’ from Disney’s Pocahontas, is the song she’s singing. Zelda’s voice amplifies the power of the Disney song. The audience erupts in applause.

Zelda then begins to play a few notes from the song on her ocarina. Her eyes are closed as she moves to the music. The audience continues to applaud.

Zelda receives a standing ovation as she hits a high note. Terry Crews is clapping and telling the camera that it was beautiful.

Freckled Zelda

Simon admits that he initially thought Zelda would be terrible. He then compliments her on her voice. Zelda’s eyes are closed as she cries and thanks her for her approval.

Simon isn’t interested in the ocarina. He does, however, admit that she can keep the costume. She can wear whatever she wants with that voice.

Another judge inquires if this is the persona she desires. Zelda confidently admits that this is who she will always be. The audience applauds.

Heidi and Howie both praised her performance. She receives a yes from all four judges. Zelda is taken aback as the audience applauds her. She leaves the stage, hopefully on her way to a successful career in music with her incredible voice.

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