Teen Walks Onstage For Talent Show. But When Friends Join In, His Performance Takes A Whole New Turn.

It was quite a long time ago (longer than I care to admit) but I can still at least vaguely remember watching the high school talent show. I never participated in the event. In fact, I could barely stand up to give a required presentation in class.

That simple thing, something nearly every student has to endure, left me sweating and panicky. I would dread a presentation for days and then on the day I would stumble over my words and make a mess of the entire thing. But, the relief when it was finally over was the most fantastic feeling.

I would never have imagined myself performing by choice in front of my classmates and teachers. But, every year, there were students eagerly lined up to try out for the talent show and share their creativity with everyone. Most of these folks were confident, natural performers. They actually enjoyed showing off their various skills and performances. Some were better than others. There were dancers and musicians, as well as short skits and even dramatic monologues.

Though each student was talented in their own way, they were very much the performances of teenagers. It was fun to watch my classmates perform, but nothing was particularly stunning or special. None of the performances in my school were like the boys in this video, that’s for sure.


Their act entertained not only their fellow classmates but is quickly going viral. Five high school boys formed a drumline and call themselves “The Hot Scots”. Their fun, yet impressive act shows off not only their drumming talent but also their humor and personality. I was amazed at their drumming, but laughed and smiled along with their singing, dancing, and facial expressions.

I definitely had to watch the video twice!

Click on the link below to watch their full performance! Please like and share if you enjoyed their act!

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