Taylor Swift Spots Kobe Bryant’s Daughter, Pauses Performance For Touching Gesture.

So many special moments take place during each stop of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, but there’s one ongoing tradition in particular that has her get especially close to fans. Or rather, close to one fan in particular. This interaction takes place when she performs “22,” during which she gives the hat she’s wearing to the fan who is chosen for that night.


During a recent show in Los Angeles, the person Swift chose to receive the coveted hat comes from a family she’s quite familiar with — Bianka, the late Kobe Bryant’s daughter. In 2015, she shared the stage with her dad during a previous tour. Now, this adorable 6-year-old has her own Taylor Swift concert story to tell.

In a video capturing the moment, Bianka can be seen eagerly waiting for Swift as she makes her way down the long stage. From there, Swift gets on her knees so the two of them can chat. Before placing the hat on Bianka’s head, the two of them share a long hug.


Based on all of the photos and videos Vanessa Bryant has shared on Instagram of their time at the show, it’s safe to say it was a magical night they’ll always remember.

Watch Swift make Bianka’s night in the video below.

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