On Canada’s Got Talent, singing siblings impress the judges with their powerful vocals.

Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira from Uganda wowed audiences and judges alike during Season 3 of Canada’s Got Talent.

Esther, 17, and Ezekiel, 13, said they have always sung together since they were children, with encouragement from their mother, who said she had to flee Uganda after coming out as gay and marrying a pastor.

Ezekiel stated that he had to live for 5 years without his mother, which was extremely difficult for him as a child, but now that they have arrived in Canada, the duo has their hearts set on winning the coveted CGT 2022 prize, which, based on their audition, appears to be quite possible.

The brother and sister appear to have music in their blood because they can belt out Pop, R&B, afro-fusion, and gospel despite having no formal musical training.

The Ugandan singing duo is no stranger to talent shows, having won the inaugural season of East Africa’s Got Talent in October 2019.

Now, as they sang a cover of Jordin Sparks’ “No Air,” the audience and judges were taken aback by Ezekiel’s powerful voice and wide range.

The siblings advanced to the next round after receiving four yeses from all four judges; their proud mother, Julie Mutesasira, was in attendance at the auditions.

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