On Britain’s Got Talent, mini David Attenborough melts millions of hearts… VIDEO

Anishwar Kunchala was chosen by one of the judges for his audition for British Got Talent. A small boy appeared on stage after David Williams personally delivered an invitation to Anishwar’s class. Everyone thought he was the cutest kid to audition for BGT, dressed as an explorer. When they asked what his passion was, Anishwar immediately replied that he loved the land.

This youngster was adamant about preserving and protecting the environment. He recited a poem he wrote for his performance while his classmates dressed as animals marched across the stage in the background. When Anishwar finished, the audience applauded, and the judges were taken aback by his performance. They were so taken with his passion for the land that they compared him to David Attenborough.

They paid him the highest compliment, predicting that he would succeed as the BBC’s favorite nature documentary narrator. He was overjoyed to learn this!

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