Little Boy Steals The Show At School Concert With Hilarious Dance Moves. –    

Little Boy Steals The Show At School Concert With Hilarious Dance Moves.

Oh, the agony of listening to offkey (but still adorable) music. Fourth-grade recorder recitals with squeaky flutes that make your head feel like someone shoved an icepick into your ear. But parents keep going to school recitals because these are our children. Every once in a while, we are rewarded with a stellar and memorable performance like the one we found in René’s Art of Dance in South Africa. This young boy dancing at a school concert resulted in a viral video that WILL make you smile.

The video opens with the kids lined up on the stage. One kid looks like he just stepped out of a Land Rover in the Serengeti. He’s wearing khaki shorts, a button-down shirt, and hiking shoes. Keep your eye on him. He’s the reason that parents continue attending these performances year after year.


Our star is doing a choreographed routine but exaggerating each movement. He is living the music and feeling the rhythm in his bones. He wiggled his hips and waved his arms around to amplify the music we heard in the background.

The 7-year-old boy is Dirkco Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen, who goes by Klein Kwagga. The children on the stage are the brothers and sisters of the actual dance studio students. They have no training aside from perhaps watching their siblings practice. The music playing in the background is Bernice West’s Lyfie, which is a popular song in Afrikaans.


Young Boy Dancing At A School Concert Will Make You Smile
Every part of this performance screams that young Klein Kwagga is exactly where he should be: on a stage performing before an audience. We are certain that his parents are very proud of his show-stopping performance. Perhaps it is time to enroll him in dance classes with his sibling!
When this boy dances at the school concert, he is totally committed to the performance. The level of concentration and the pure joy on his face are enough to make you smile. The images are nothing compared to the video below. Enjoy, and be sure to share. We should all be able to exhibit the joy of this child!

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