Josh Daniel’s performance of ‘Labrinth’s Jealous’ left judges speechless and in tears –    

Josh Daniel’s performance of ‘Labrinth’s Jealous’ left judges speechless and in tears

You know how, after a hard day, all you want to do is go home, take a cup of tea or a lovely bath, maybe read your favorite book, or watch an intriguing television show? That is exactly how the judges of the popular UK talent program “The X Factor” felt after witnessing hundreds of people apply for the competition towards the end of August 2015.

As the final contender takes his place in front of the judges, Simon Cowell has an unsettling talk with him. He notes that after a long day of waiting his or her turn, the final contestant’s performance might either be excellent or disastrous. He makes it clear that there is no in-between. They all laugh it off as the singer prepares to perform.

While the guy prepares to deliver an outstanding performance, the judges had no idea that this very last contender would take the stage and reduce them to tears with a version of Labyrinth’s “Jealous.”
Josh Daniels, 21, waited all day to audition, and when his moment came, he said that he would perform a song dedicated to his late best friend, who tragically died two years earlier.

He confesses that the lyrics have different meanings for him and that the wonderful music will always remind him of his closest friend. This young man lost his best buddy when he was 18 years old, and he says that life hasn’t been the same since. Josh claims that they used to do everything together but that he is now in a better and happier place and cannot be with him.

He struggles to retain his cool while conducting his interview and explaining why he selected this music. But he can deliver like never before.

The judges (and the audience) are left dumbfounded when he begins to sing. His voice is sweet and sensitive, and his intense emotions are palpable. By the conclusion, he has earned a well-deserved standing ovation, which he accepts with elegance and a smile. And the icing on the cake? Simon, too, shed a tear or two during the performance.

The judges continue to make their judgments while occasionally halting in awe at the performance they’ve just witnessed. Needless to say, Josh advances to the next round with flying colors!

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