Howie says in Woman’s Golden Buzzer, “Your voice comes from another world”

This woman is a real earth angel.
Jeanick Fournier is the name you should remember because this 49-year-old mother just blew Canada’s Got Talent and the rest of the globe away with her performance.

She is a self-assured lady who entered the stage and had all four judges on their feet by the end.

Jeanick was born in Chicoutimi, Quebec.

The mother of two began singing in church when she was seven years old. Jeanick has done so throughout her adult life. She began singing songs while using a hairbrush as a microphone.

Her first listeners were her family.

Jeanick has two children who have Down syndrome. She works as a palliative care attendant, providing end-of-life care and support to patients with terminal diseases.

Fournier said she intends to make a better life for her two children if she wins.

Her audition reveals that she is mostly motivated by Celine Dion. Jeanick is incredible considering she primarily sang for relatives and bars on the side.

So, of course, she sang “I Surrender” by Celine Dion.

What’s more, she’s already 49 years old. Jeanick should have been identified much sooner!

Now you may admire her singing talent. Jeanick serenades the audience before hitting, sustaining, and wowing the audience with an extremely high note.

“Wow,” said Judge Lilly Singh. “This is exactly what this show is all about.”

Kardinal Offishall even said Fournier is “on par” with fellow French-Canadian singer Celine Dion. Trish Stratus couldn’t help but exclaim how “incredible” it was.

“You are an angel,” remarked Howie Mandel. “There aren’t many people like you… It comes from another planet.”

These are those who have seen and heard it all.

As Jeanick was taking it all in, host Lindsay Ell emerged from behind the curtains to hug Fournier before proceeding to the judges’ table, where she addressed the mother of two.

To be the first to press the Golden Buzzer.

A viewer who had met Jeanick had a story to tell.

“I spent a day with her as a practical nurse in clinicals and had no idea who she was.” She sang sweetly as she assisted individuals on their deathbeds. Her vitality was incredible. Now that I see it, I am stunned. She deserves the finest in the world.”

Fournier is an amazing woman.
Not bad for someone who used to sing into the bristles of a hairbrush.

Jeanick drowns in gold while the judges and crowd praise her on their feet. Her wishes are going to be granted, and all she had to do was serenade us with her beautiful voice.

It’s not too late at 49. Fournier has a decade or so to leave a legacy, based on the influence she’s had. Her children will have something to be proud of.

This is one audition you must see, so press play below!

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