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Darci Lynne sings without her puppet with a pure and captivating voice

She is no longer just a “puppet girl”, what a wonderful and beautiful voice.

You may remember him as Darchy Lynn from America’s Got Talent Season 12, where he simply stunned the audience as a young ventriloquist!

And while he’s still playing around with his toys, she is all grown up and started a career in music.

By the way, we can mention that his latest video was probably published within a month and received about 1 million views on YouTube.

A different kind of child star

Darcy Lynn has started her tour in 2018 after being named the youngest referee to ever win at AgT, when it became the most watched final performance.

If we take into account that ventriloquism is not a very popular art, it would be more impressive for him to sell his family-friendly shows and go on tour again in 2019.

“Growing up in Oklahoma, Cinnamon has always been close to his family and has always relied on their support and encouragement. As a young man, Cinnamon competed in a number of talent-based competitions to overcome his shyness. He soon became acquainted with the art of ventricularism and decided to try it for himself … Darcy Linn’s popularity began to expand on the social Scene as well as on stage and on television. His TikTok profile is made up of about 7K followers and in less than 2 weeks it reached an astonishing rate of 1M followers and 8.7M.

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