Baby Smiles When Mom Sings To Her –    

Baby Smiles When Mom Sings To Her

One of these videos become viral after Buitengebieden uploaded it on Twitter with the caption “Sweet baby listening carefully to mom’s song.”

Thousands of people have liked and shared the 38-second video, which has been viewed by millions of people on social media. The infant in its mother’s arms can be seen in the video looking at her with an expression of pure joy and surprise as she sings a wonderful melody.

Sweet baby listening carefully to mom’s song..

Netizens can’t get over this video, and they’ve expressed their emotions in comments. “Oh…how beautiful this is. What a gorgeous little sweetheart mesmerized by his Mum”, one user commented. “Thank you, That is more than just beautiful. Viewing it causes a flashback to more than thirty years with my daughter”, another user said. Also, another beautiful comment was, “you can almost see all those little neurons firing, making brand new connections all about sounds, rhyme & meter, faces, mirroring behaviors, and love”.

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