All Judges are impressed by her slick performance and Rihanna cover

Asanda Jezile is a London-based singer. Her parents immigrated to the United Kingdom from the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She was a finalist in Britain’s Got Talent’s seventh series, ending in last place. Amanda auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent with Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”

On May 31, she performed Beyoncé Knowles’ “Halo” in the semi-final, winning over both the public and the judges. Simon Cowell described her as having a “wow factor,” while Alesha Dixon described her as “unbelievable.”

She finished in the top three, and the judges had to decide between her and Alex Keirl for the second spot in the final from that semi-final, as Francine Lewis had already qualified. Holden chose Keirl, while the other three judges chose Asanda, sending her to the final. However, voting results released after the show revealed that Alex Keirl received a higher percentage of votes (21.4%) than Asanda (19.4%).

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