According to Judes’, this teacher’s performance is “one of the best auditions in the last 16 years”

He’s been likened to the humble and wonderful skill of Susan Boyle.
23-year-old secondary school teacher Tom Ball from West Sussex startled the Britain’s Got Talent judges when he sang “Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith.

Ball’s dad and girlfriend were in the crowd, excitedly waiting for him to start singing, but you could sense the worry on Tom’s dad’s face.

The normal introductions were made, with the happy man from West Sussex trading wits with Simon Cowell, who misheard his name as ‘Tumble’. His modest manner won the four judges over.

“I’m very excited; I’m really excited!” he added.
Ball went on to claim that his kids didn’t know he was there to audition and that if it didn’t go well, he would just accept it and go on.

What a lovely boy.
But Tom’s music choice was a small peep into his confidence, with Sam Smith’s James Bond theme not exactly being an easy tune to sing. Not even during karaoke with friends.

A weird silence descended over the audience at the London Palladium as the famous intro began to play. But as soon as Ball struck that first verse, jaws fell and eyes opened.

The shouts continued to rise, and even the judges recognized they were on to someone great.

Ball does remind you of Susan Boyle. That nice, lovely manner as if he’s just some average gentleman next door who goes about his day with not a bother in the world.

Apparently, he’s got incredible pipes.

Ball nailed the song, hitting Sam Smith’s extremely high notes while showing off his composure during certain portions of it. The dude can sing, and gosh, can he sing?

A viewer commented, “My daughter’s teacher says he’s as wonderful in person as he came across during the audition. So many of his students watched it tonight, they even started a “fan club” WhatsApp group; he was truly brilliant!”

Do you believe Ball deserved the golden buzzer? What did the four judges say regarding the West Sussex teacher?

Amanda Holden had nothing but accolades. “Who knew what a powerhouse you were?! That was a fantastic audition. One of our greatest singers in the past sixteen years.”
Alesha Dixon stated, “I really felt moved by that vocal and that performance. It was truly wonderful. It made for the perfect audition.”

As for Simon, he had this to say: “There are lots and lots of good musicians out there, and I think your personality plays a huge part in these auditions, and there’s something charming about you.” I don’t think a single person in this room wanted you to fail.”

David Walliams lavished him with adoration, stating, “You never forget a good teacher; how lucky your kids are to have you teaching them.”

“Tumble” may not have earned the golden buzzer, but he garnered 4004 “yeses” that night.

Not a terrible start for such a nice young man who never once doubted himself. We hope to see and hear moreof Tom Ball!

Watch Tom Ball amaze the BGT crowd below!

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