A little girl asks her father to sing “Ave Maria,” and the entire hotel falls under her spell.

Sometimes you can meet the creativity of people in any moment and when you don’t expect it at all. In the middle of the hotel lobby, this father began to sing Ave Maria, when the pianist played the song. The whole hotel was amazed and luckily someone recorded it so now we can enjoy it too.


A beautiful song, well sung, can simply be enchanting. Sometimes it’s like a dream, like time stands still. That’s exactly what happened when this man started singing. Guests at a hotel in Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort were pleasantly surprised hearing Justin Gigliello’s singing.


His daughter stands next to him and beams with pride! The expression on his face says it all. It’s a moment this father and daughter will never forget and they made it unforgettable for all people hearing him too.


It is not difficult to understand why the girl is so proud of her father. He has a beautiful voice and she enjoys it too. Many hotel guests clearly agree with this, as they stop in droves to enjoy the spontaneous performance. Watch the video bellow and we are sure you will feel that atmosphere an mood that they created in the hotel too, even from behind the screens!

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