A Cerebral Palsy teen comedian takes the stage and immediately has everyone laughing.

Eva Abley, a 14-year-old cerebral palsy comedian, performs an incredible stand-up comedy routine on Britain’s Got Talent that has both the audience and the judges in stitches! At the beginning of this video, a dynamic young woman named Eva Abley, who is only 14, walks confidently onto the stage and introduces herself to the audience.

Eva begins by apologizing for the audience’s inability to understand her. She claims to have Cerebral Palsy and makes jokes about being from a specific region of the country. When Eva suggests watching her performance with subtitles when they get home, the audience laughs.

The teen then makes everyone laugh when she reveals her full diagnosis. She tells them that it’s more difficult for her to get Alexa to answer her questions than it is for her to say the name of her own diagnosis.

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