A 16-year-old girl became viral after performing poorly in American Idol auditions.

Harper Grace sung the National Anthem at a local soccer game when she was only 11 years old. The video quickly became known as the “worst National Anthem.”

Harper was overjoyed when she was given the opportunity to perform at a nationally broadcast soccer game when she was just 11 years old. Harper enjoyed singing and was eager to put her own spin on an American classic. However, things did not proceed as planned.

It would have been difficult for someone so little to notice the crowd’s laughter and rolling eyes. But her performance ended posted online, and she was suddenly open to the criticism of the entire globe. Her rendition was soon labeled the “worst National Anthem ever.”

She was, as you might expect, shattered. That would be enough to put an end to almost anyone’s desire to sing. Harper, on the other hand, refused to give up on her dream. Harper is now 16 years old and gets another chance to fulfill her ambition of auditioning for American Idol.

Harper makes no attempt to deny that her televised humiliation occurred. In fact, she openly discusses it and explains everything she learnt before stepping in for the audition. Harper’s grin and exuberant demeanor lit up the room as soon as she walked into the room with the judges. Then she started singing. From there, things just got better!

She started with an original song she wrote called ‘Yard Sale’ and the judges adored it. They had her sing her second audition song because they just couldn’t get enough of this young woman’s talent.

And when you hear her sing now you’ll be in awe. Wow she did such an incredible job. And I am so inspired by her determination. And how precious is she?

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