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4 month old daughter steals the spotlight from daddy during his Christmas song performance

There are present wish lists, Christmas trees, and talking reindeer.

So it’s understandable if a child might be confused when it comes to what the day is really all about.
Hey, even adults can forget the true meaning of Christmas!

Perhaps it’s why the dad in the video wanted to get an early start teaching his daughter, Summer, about the reason we celebrate.

Interestingly though, the writer, James Lord Pierpont, didn’t intend for it to be a Christmas tune, according to History.com.

Summer’s dad rewrote the lyrics to “Jingle Bells” so they’d incorporate the story of Jesus Christ’s birth.

In the end, I guess you could say it really was a “Christmas” song!

Get ready to melt watching Dad sing to his baby during her first Christmas season.
According to Summer’s parents, she is a BIG fan of the holiday.

Her favorite color is “red/green swirl” and her middle name is Noël.

So when Dad says, ” Hey, Summer. Do you want to sing about Christmas?” she of course gets all excited about it.

Dad does more than sing his new version of “Jingle Bells” to Summer. He shifts between the keyboard and acoustic guitar too.

The baby is lucky to get in on all the fun as her musically-gifted daddy shares the reason for Christmas through song.

While she might not understand the lyrics at her age – one day she will, and likely the message will stick!

“I love how you guys know the true meaning of Christmas (Christ)”

Summer has a chance to playfully bounce with both daddy and mommy during the performance, and it’s super cute to watch.

The huge smile on her face could melt even an ice queen’s heart.

Dad keeps some of his “Jingle Bells” traditional.
Instead of changing all the lyrics, he keeps the song’s whimsical chorus in his version, which talks about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Summer is going to grow up knowing the best Christmas tune ever!

“Aw, what a beautiful little family. Thanks for sharing – love the song! :)”
Just when the video couldn’t get any sweeter – there are some adorable outtakes at the end…

Singing with your children at Christmastime can be tons of fun.

When it comes to this dad, he discovered a way to make it a powerful lesson about the holiday as well!

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