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17-year-old Mia Morris delivers original audition as one-woman band

The America’s Got Gift stage included a girl who had an unexpected gift. Mia Morris is a multi-instrumentalist.

Her true love, though, is percussion. The family of Mia Morris is from Indiana.

The gifted kid comes from a non-musical background, but her parents immediately saw her ability when she was a very young child.

She began playing the drums at the age of 10, and she even studied with renowned drummer Wade Parrish. To recognize Doter’s brilliance, her parents chose to relocate to Nashville.

Mia claimed in an interview that her father was the one to first recognize her love for the drums and get her a drum set.

According to Mia, rock is one of her favorite genres, mainly because it’s amusing to perform rock songs on the drums.

The musician plays many instruments and composes all of his own music. Mia composes, performs, plays instruments, mixes, records, and produces all of her own music.

She plays the drums and the guitar quite well. She doesn’t record with a particular label or producer because she doesn’t want to compromise the creative freedom that comes with being an independent artist.

Mia performs all of her magic in a little studio in her basement. She said that she has a solid set of female friends that provide her with ideas for songs.

The girl captivated the judges, who referred to her as a little prodigy. She had really potent energy. The young woman clearly pours her heart and soul into her song.

The member has more than 50k subscribers to her YouTube channel and more than 24k followers on Instagram, where she interacts with fans about her music, mashups, live performances, and other topics.

Without a doubt, Mia Morris has a bright future. She has already garnered the admiration and respect of millions of spectators.

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